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Another blog…

13 Dec

Hello there! This is my very first personal blog and I’m rather excited about it! Now this is going to be about my life, so I might as well introduce myself. My name is Richard and I’m from Holland. English is not my mother tongue, so please correct me if I make any mistakes šŸ™‚ I’m still in high school, in my fourth year, with two more years to go after this one! Not really excited about it, it’s very boring. Lots of homework and tests.. :/

But enough about school for now. One of the things I really like to do is playing volleyball! Our team consists of boys and girls and we’re at B-level. As for volleyball in Holland you go from level 1 to 6, than C, B & A. It’s a lot of fun but we’re not super good at it. There are seven other teams in our competition and we’re currently 5th. We train for 1.5 hours every tuesday and we usually have a match every saturday or so.

There areĀ of courseĀ lots of other things I like to do. What I remember doing in the past two years is just a lot. First of all, there was drawing, at which I really suck lol. Then there was a time when I was really into 3d: modelling, compositing and programming were my main interests back then. You could say my laptop isn’t really suited for this kind of work as it crashes every hour or so lol and so I gave 3d up as well.Ā As you can see my interests shifts every couple of months, so it might be Korean until the end of this year and something else after new year’s eve. Although I’m pretty sure I’ll keep Korean for a long time to come. I’d love to go and study there and maybe even live there…

That’s my life summed up, at least the most important parts. Oh and there’s only one week left before the holidays! Woohoo haha. I’ll write something about it as the whole family is going to gather on the first day of Christmas. I think I’m going to write something on here every week or so, with some photos of course! So stay tuned and please subscribe to my blog!